About RE+Habit

Driven by your vision for living

RE+Habit Design provides a full range of planning and design services for renovating existing homes and developing new dwelling spaces, with our principal designer and managing partner, Susan Gujral, leading the way. Read Susan's bio.

From site feasibility studies to ensure that the proposed project is right for the location, to managing the permit process and developing sustainable solutions to integrate appropriate products and systems, Re+Habit Design assembles and coordinates with the right team of professionals for your project.

Using a collaborative approach, Susan is able to keep a keen eye to integrating relevant design, building systems and construction methods into all of our projects. Through in-depth planning she works closely with construction industry professionals to develop creative, feasible and budget-conscious proposals guided by appropriate timelines. Our work is completed with specific product and material information along with sourcing and installation requirements to ensure proper function and use.

Driven by your vision for living – whether contemporary or traditional, classical or blended — our goal is to leave our clients with an inspired modern lifestyle.

  • Planning and Design – for remodels of existing structures and new construction
  • Interior Services – interior architectural design, color and material finish palettes for interior and exterior, lighting and electrical solutions, fixtures and furnishings
  • Project Management – demolition and construction through finish carpentry
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