Project Management

We bring your dream project to life

With final plans and permits in hand, the real work begins. Our expertise ensures that all phases of your project are managed with exacting detail. We oversee the critical phases of construction, including the continuation of design detail development, product sourcing and installation, and final punch lists. Before demolition begins we can arrange for careful consideration of any historical elements to remain as part of the final design.

Whether a single room makeover or a full-scale home remodel, we maintain flexible relationships to accommodate revisions and additions that may arise. From sound foundation footings to fresh color palettes we keep costs in check, project realistic timelines and provide creative, practical solutions to ensure that the project meets and exceeds expectations.

  • Evaluation and selection of contractors appropriate for the project
  • Organization of timelines and scheduling
  • Determination of budget line items specific to project activities
  • Flexibility to address plan revisions and additions that may arise during construction
  • Regular construction site visits to follow up with contractors’ progress and quality craftsmanship through duration of project
Project management